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MBU group LLC was established in 2011 for foreign trade, online trade, construction, service of management, development of new technology, food industry and servicing.

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Mission of the company:
Leading by consumer sector, protected by trusted wall, to hold responsibility in great favor, development of smart consumption.

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MBU Managment LLC
MBU Management LLC which holds general management policy and structure of MBU LLC operates in the direction of management consultant and research field.

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MBU Techonology LLC
“MBU Technology” LLC operates general activities in technological product development, online trade and payment system

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Dreams Power LLC was established in 2008 along to real state mediation and trade.


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“MBU Trade” LLC
MBU Trade LLC was established along to foreign trade operation in the objective to dominate certain place in Mongolian market which leads by its economic growth and development rate in the world.Readmore...

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NoFu Entertainment
NoFu Entertainment arranges all kinds of media creations.

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Dreams Power LLC and Marzat Tower LLC

Dreams Power LLC was established in 2008 along to real state mediation and trade.

Marzat Tower LLC was established in 2009 along to construction engineering and maintenance. The company has managed over 10 construction engineering independently in Ulaanbaatar and local areas and worked as a subcontractor in over 50 construction engineering and it was responsible for all its operations fully with high quality on time. The company has received special permission (construction engineering in 1 - 5 store building) of construction engineering from Ministry of Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development in 2011 and there are following bigger construction works executed by the company:

  • Altai town of “Altai construction” in 2009
  • School Building in Uvurkhangai in 2010
  • Construction maintenance in school building in Bayanburd, Uvurkhangai in 2011
  • Construction Engineering of new school with capable to 200 students in Tarialan, Huvsgul in 2011
  • Great maintenance of kinder garden building in Khairkhandulaan, Uvurkhangai in 2011