MBU Managment LLC

MBU Management LLC which holds general management policy and structure of MBU LLC operates in the direction of management consultant and research field. It includes:

  • To arrange project and plan of small enterprises and services and mediate them to investment activities.
  • To provide with management and marketing consulting to the companies and individuals who are unable to expand its production and service range however they are succeeded in stabilizing its operations and cooperate on management issues with the companies and individuals until they run normally.
  • To provide with plan and management service to present new brand products to the market
  • To provide smaller enterprises which operate domestically with permissions of distributor or representative authority of foreign manufactories and companies and give them professional advice.
  • To recommend complex services of management to the factory and service sectors of which operations are unsuccessful and to cooperate until they run normally.
  • To provide the organizations and individuals who are interested in investment with investment consulting and manage projects and surveys of production and service in case or to provide with opportunity to invest in ready chosen projects.
  • We operate in such general fields including giving information and consulting about how to export products to the manufactories.

The micro team of “Research and Development” with 3 employees included in management company shows modern company culture.

MBU R & D team is working on survey and processing of Instant Curd product. It intends to present traditional dairy products to modern consumption in easier way.