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MBU group LLC was established in 2011 for foreign trade, online trade, construction, service of management, development of new technology, food industry and servicing.

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Mission of the company:
Leading by consumer sector, protected by trusted wall, to hold responsibility in great favor, development of smart consumption.

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MBU Managment LLC
MBU Management LLC which holds general management policy and structure of MBU LLC operates in the direction of management consultant and research field.

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MBU Techonology LLC
“MBU Technology” LLC operates general activities in technological product development, online trade and payment system

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Dreams Power LLC was established in 2008 along to real state mediation and trade.


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“MBU Trade” LLC
MBU Trade LLC was established along to foreign trade operation in the objective to dominate certain place in Mongolian market which leads by its economic growth and development rate in the world.Readmore...

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NoFu Entertainment
NoFu Entertainment arranges all kinds of media creations.

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Social Responsibilty:

Objectivity in process and product quality assurance evaluations is critical to the success of the project. Objectivity is achieved by both independence and the use of criteria. A combination of methods providing evaluations against criteria by those not producing the work product is often used. Less formal methods can be used to provide broad day-to-day coverage. More formal methods can be used periodically to assure objectivity.


The practices in the Process and Product Quality Assurance process area ensure that planned processes are implemented, while the practices in the Verification process area ensure that the specified requirements are satisfied. These two process areas may on occasion address the same work product but from different perspectives. Projects should take advantage of the overlap in order to minimize duplication of effort while taking care to maintain the separate perspectives.

Contact Us:

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia,
Zamchin street-39, Bayangol district,
Gazar Business center, Suite 3-rd floor

Phone: 7000-2020, 55251008
Mobile: 00976-88117238, 00976-99079853

About Company

MBU LLC was established in 2011 for foreign trade, online trade, construction, service of management, development of new technology, food industry and servicing. Now company is working on the following sector:

  • MBU Technology LLC
  • MBU Foods LLC
  • MBU Management LLC
  • Marzat Tower LLC
  • MBU Traiding LLC
  • NoFu Animation Studio - Saving your success

NoFu Animation Studio

NoFu Animation Studio arranges all kinds of media creations. It includes:

  • Web site /Dynamic, Static, Online shop,
  • Advertisement, press, book, magazine, logo and origination of business card
  • All kinds of television
  • Mail marketing, Social network profile developing service
  • All kinds of graphic creations
  • Documentary and feature film, video clip
  • Presentation material of company /video and illustration/
We are skilled team have many years of experiences in media market and offer you cheaper price and the best quality. See details: