mFreshee public chain fast food. Nowadays everyone try to use natural fresh meal, but in the fact it isn’t fulfilled yet so we are intending to supply by franchising to meet the requirement of world standard. The project will be start in February 2012.


Instant curd. The curd is the product that used in Mongolian winter popularly. The curd is the product that sanitate immunity and gives energy so Mongolians were use it up to now. This product is natural and it isn’t fixing any chemical, it means don’t have sanitate immunity without medical. The disadvantage of curd is difficult to uses, it boils after frozen. Thus we intend to simplify the product to dry and to compile into water to use it. The product is ready to supply for consumers. Our company has registered patent and we are producing the product with “King Ocean Holding” LLC Singapore so we planning to supply it in Mongolian’s market since March 2012.

Type of the Product:

  • Sweet curd
  • Original curd
  • Curd with vitamin(+C+D+A Multi vitamin)
  • Curd with Fruit
  • Curd with honey

Instruction to use: 250-300gr with boiled water.