MBU group LLC was established in 2011 for foreign trade, online trade, construction, service of management, development of new technology, food industry and servicing. Now company is working on the following sector:

  • MBU Management LLC
  • MBU Foods LLC
  • MBU Technology LLC
  • Dreams Power LLC
  • Marzat Tower LLC
  • MBU Traiding LLC
  • NoFu Entertainment

Mission of the company:
Leading by consumer sector, protected by trusted wall, to hold responsibility in great favor, development of smart consumption.

Obtained by all over the world, to found most new, smart product and to lead by strong management by high level team

iMore mEasy. – More intelligent, more easy

Our Values:
High level labour, creative , responsibility , to innovate, personal capacity by team

Our wealth are something named by Mongolia, dignity of MBU LLC, conception, ability of compete, all the procedure that under the MBU LLC.